Using Worldle to Optimize Your Resume

Looking for a fun and insightful way to optimize your resume? Try out Worldle (, a “word cloud” generator. Begin by copying and pasting the text of your resume to http:// Wordle will instantly provide you with a word cloud based on the text you have submitted. The word cloud will give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

Take a look at the word cloud. Do the words that define your academic and professional experiences stand out the most? If not, use this as a tool to improve the wording of your resume.

Another option is to find a job description, and then copy the job description to Wordle to create a second word cloud.

Do the key words on the job description word cloud align with the key words in the resume word cloud? In the examples given, the resume word cloud and job description word cloud do not align. This student should reconsider applying for the position, or rethink the wording of their resume.

By Grace Hall
Grace Hall Graduate Career Services Fellow Grace Hall