Palantir Event – “Engineers Protecting Our Liberty: Electronic Voting”

On April 18th from 6:30-8:30pm, Palantir will be holding an event to discuss engineers’ role in protecting electronic voting systems.

“The role of engineers and computer scientists in protecting civil liberties is often overlooked, and yet many of the basic technical decisions that they make on a daily basis can significantly affect these rights. These decisions can be particularly far-reaching as they relate to electronic voting, where design decisions must consider privacy, accuracy, choice architecture, security, and the overall integrity of a process which determines the composition and powers of our government. Join Joseph Hall, Chief Technologist and Director of the Internet Architecture project at the Center for Democracy & Technology, in conversation with John Grant, Director of Privacy and Civil Liberties Engineering at Palantir, as they discuss some of the unique challenges of building an electronic voting system for the 21st century and the pivotal role that engineers and computer scientists play in that process.”

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By Alexandra White
Alexandra White Graduate Career Ambassador Alexandra White