Student Success!

We at the W. Scott Amey Career Services Center are proud to be able to help our students succeed in their desired fields.  Meet Changle Xu, a recent GW graduate with an MS in Computer Science!

“From late 2014 to present, I received much assistance from SEAS career services, GWU main career services, and GWU alumni career services. I attended many workshops hosted by career centers to get general ideas and suggestions. I also contacted with Courtney in the SEAS career services, Zachary in the GWU main career services, and Marva in the GWU alumni career services. They are excellent career counselors who are very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and patient. They helped me edit my resume and cover letter, taught me how to revise project descriptions to market my skill sets, and provided guidance on how to communicate my projects during interviews. They also assisted me with editing and managing my LinkedIn profile and taught me how to broaden my network by connecting with alumni on LinkedIn. In addition, they taught me how best to prepare and answer behavioral questions during interviews. After I graduated from GWU, I was able to pursue a career at Amazon as a Software Development Engineer!”

By Samantha Horton
Samantha Horton Career Services Ambassador