Organize Your Job Search

Keep and Maintain Records

  • Keep track of the jobs you apply to.
    • Contacts of employers, deadlines, etc.
  • Record-keeping will help you follow-up appropriately and in a timely fashion.
  • Plan to follow-up!

Manage Your Time

  • Define your schedule and set goals.
    • This involves strategizing and planning ahead.
  • Do harder tasks at the best time. For example, if you do your best work in the morning, apply for jobs in the morning as opposed to later at night.

Attend Career Events

  • Create a plan!
  • Target specific employers at the following:
    • Job Fairs
    • Other Networking Opportunities

Develop a Support Network

  • You are not alone!
  • Friends, family, peers, faculty, the career center and others are available to support you.
By Amber Samuels
Amber Samuels Career Services Fellow