WiCS: Women in Computer Science

What is WiCS?

Women in Computer Science (WiCS) started as a group of CS women who felt the need to come together and support one another inside and outside of the classroom. In the industry, women face the challenge of not being equal to their male counterpart.

Women are often paid less than men in the same fields and are often given secretarial roles. WiCS was formed to make women aware of these issues and to provide resources for one another, so that women can break the glass ceilings and be examples for more women in the future.

Throughout the year, WiCS hosts brown bag lunches, professional development workshops, and guest speakers from different areas of the tech industry. Our goal for WiCS is to provide a safe haven for CS women at GW to be able to express their concerns during their four years here.

Come out this Friday, October 19th, at 3:30 PM in Marvin Center G08 to meet other women in computer science and learn about the Grace Hopper Conference!

By Mausam Trivedi
Mausam Trivedi Career Ambassador Mausam Trivedi