Top 5 Interview Tips

Are you looking to get ready for your next interview? Check out these top 5 interview tips that will get you on track.

1) Research the Organization

  • Research  
    • Look at the organization’s website and LinkedIn page to identify recent news, research, or other company information.  
    • Research the person(s) interviewing you.
      • Discover common interests or other points of discussion for the interview.

2) Review your Resume and Cover Letter

  • Review
    • Spend time becoming familiar with your resume and cover letter.
      • Think of your career goals and how this opportunity connects to those goals.
      • Be able to articulate why you want this role.  

Be able to provide concrete examples of the skills, experiences, and accomplishments that make you qualified for the role.

3) Practice

    • Review the job description to identify the qualifications and skills that the employer is seeking – they will ask questions about these skills.  
    • Go online to find sample questions and resources:
      • has thousands of user submitted interview questions searchable by company and position.
      • Vault provides information about top companies and Career Guides on dozens of industries.
      • Use Interview Stream to do a self-guided mock interview or review an interview tutorial.
    • Sign up for a mock interview with a career counselor.
    • Attend a workshop to learn interviewing tips. View the Events calendar in Handshake for details.

4) Dress for Success

    • Dressing appropriately for the interview shows the employer that you are taking the opportunity seriously.
    • Business professional attire is typically the dress expected for interviews, while business casual attire is what you are more likely to wear day-to-day on the job.
    • There may be times when informal dress is appropriate. However, it is best to be on the conservative side if you are unsure.
    • Check with a career services staff member or the recruiter if you have questions about what to wear.

5) Follow Up

  • Next Steps:
    • Ask your interviewer for their business card so that you can email them a thank you letter.
    • Ask about next steps.
      • Will there be follow up interviews? What’s the timeline for a final decision?
  • Reflect:
    • After leaving, write down notes about what was discussed.
    • Include any questions that you have about the job or organization.
    • Note if there were any questions that you felt unprepared for or found especially challenging.
    • Thank You Note:
    • Send a brief thank you note via email. Make sure the language is formal and reaffirms your interest in the job.



By Amber Samuels
Amber Samuels SEAS Career Services Fellow Amber Samuels