Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) is looking for multiple engineering analysts in DC

Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) supports (and recruits for) thousands of employees serving in the Offices of the Secretary of Defense and dozens of Defense agencies that offer:

– Literally thousands of positions in a variety of fields ranging from finance, policy, IT, logistics, engineering and more.
– Many resources to strengthen its workforce. So much development can occur over time, in fact, that Defense is one of the few employers where you can start in one field and transition to multiple new fields over a career.

– Programs designed to challenge and strengthen you from day one.

Above all, a career with Defense offers the chance to make a considerable difference in a challenging world.

For more information please visit following sites

Electrical Engineering Analyst: https://gwu.joinhandshake.com/jobs/2484739?ref=web-app-job-search&search_id=b936b618-64d7-4940-9b6f-0a8a996be3fa

Chemical Engineering Analyst: https://gwu.joinhandshake.com/jobs/2484768?ref=web-app-job-search&search_id=b936b618-64d7-4940-9b6f-0a8a996be3fa

By Sean Zha
Sean Zha Career Services Ambassador Sean Zha