Tips for Summer Vacation

Whether you’re working at an internship, doing research, or taking a break this summer vacation, there are still things you can do improve yourself professionally. Here are some tips for getting started.

  1. Update your resume – making sure your resume is up to date is key when searching for a job.
  2. Practice writing cover letters – take a look at job postings you are interested in. Remember, each cover letter should be tailored to each different opportunity. Getting practice doing this will make the process less daunting in the future.
  3. Research companies that interest you – getting a head start in this will give you the opportunity to apply for positions earlier and give you a better idea of what type of company you want to work for.
  4. Update your LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a great tool to connect with alumni or others at companies you are interested in. You can also use the GW SEAS alumni page to see where alumni in your major or otherwise ended up working. An estimated 70-85% end up in their current position due to networking.
  5. Create and maintain connections – create new connections and form relationships who work in the field you are interested in. Remember: networking is one of the best ways to find a job.
  6. Clean up your social media – make sure you don’t have anything on your social media pages that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process, and 43% of employers use social media to check on their current employees.

Congratulations on another great semester at GW! Have a great summer vacation and be sure to make the best of it.

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By Samantha Horton
Samantha Horton Career Services Ambassador