Student Internship Opportunity at FDA

Application of AI/ML to Social Media Sources for Opioid/Substance Use Disorders

The mission of the Office of Computational Science (OCS) is to provide regulatory reviewers within the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research innovative and reliable solutions that improve and strengthen the scientific review process by integrating data, tools, and training.

OCS is seeking to recruit students to participate in funded research for facilitating effective intervention for prevention and treatment of opioid/substance use disorders through the analysis of social media data using artificial intelligence techniques.

WHAT:  Spatial and temporal patterns of opioid use found in social media data.

  1. By demographics – with particular interest in
    1. Adolescents
    2. Young adults in college
    3. Reproductive age women
    4. Pregnant women
    5. Post-partum women
  2. By geolocation
  3. Prescription/illicit/inappropriate use.
  4. Reasons for initiating opioid use.
  5. Reasons for success and failure of interventions.

DATA SOURCES:  Twitter, virtual community blogs and forums, and other data sources

Please contact Dr. David Broniatowski ( if you are interested in an internship opportunity.

By Kendra Northington
Kendra Northington Senior Career Counselor