Student Success Story: Ayush Singh

At the W. Scott Amey Career Center, it’s our mission to empower students to be major contributors to their local and global community. We aim to do this by providing access to holistic personal and professional development. Today, meet Ayush Singh, a Computer Science graduate student at The George Washington University who landed a Customer Experience internship at FedEx Services.

  • What is something you learned about the job/internship search process that you didn’t know before?
    • Searching for an internship can be a tedious process, it’s somewhat similar to the process of searching for a job. No one expects you to know all the things about the organization, but they need to see your curiosity regarding that organization. Show how excited you are regarding that opportunity, and keep yourself updated about the company’s latest news, acquisitions, challenges so that you can align your previous experience with those and ultimately end up aligning yourself with the company’s values.
  • How was the SEAS Careers Team useful during your job search process?
    • Attend networking and LinkedIn profile building sessions. Those hour long sessions are jam packed with industry level information and insights on how to communicate, connect and build your circle. Chalvonna has a very welcoming personality and gives you time to gradually grow from your professional shyness and reach out to people around you and begin connecting, which is really important in a professional workspace.
  • Was there anyone else at SEAS (e.g., staff, faculty, etc.) who was helpful during your search? If so, who are they and how were they helpful?
    • I would sing the praises of Kendra Northington’s Resume and Cover Letter reviewing sessions. Take time to edit your Resume and Cover Letter first, have it reviewed by Kendra, build on her feedback and then get back to her to confirm the changes. 
    • Brian Yeagley is the go to contact for Professional Praxis, very helpful, humble and soft-spoken. Keeps on top of things, if you have any problems regarding documents, permissions or CPT in general, he can prove to be very resourceful.
  • What advice would you give to current SEAS students?
    • When you land an internship, give your best in your project. Work on your contributions everyday. Think of this internship as a Summer season long interview. You don’t wanna get relaxed over there in regards to work. It will begin with a lot of documentation that you would have to read in order to understand how your team works. And then jump to contributing, not just with your technical skill but the fresh ideas you can bring to the table. Make a point to build and extend your connections on LinkedIn and endorse any company news that comes out, that way they’ll know that you are really interested and committed to the growth of the company. That’s a huge plus. Greet everyone you meet everyday, no absences and keep your direct supervisor in the loop of everything that you do. Good Luck SEAS student, make us proud!
By Amber Samuels
Amber Samuels SEAS Career Services Fellow Amber Samuels