GW Alumnus @ xScion | Director of Talent Management, Lindsay Miller

Where do GW Alumni Work? 

GW Alumnus @ xScion | Director of Talent Management, Lindsay Miller

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“The George Washington University instills the values of openness and collaboration into its students and into all of the work we did when I attended there. When I graduated from George Washington with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree, I looked for a company with similar values of those at GW, where I could be creative and collaborate with co-workers. During my interview with xScionSolutions, I realized they were just what I was looking for- a company with a clear vision, innovative ideas, and who wanted to hire the best people in order to help them succeed.

Six years later, I had grown in my career at xScion Solutions, who has changed from a professional services company to a consulting company with advanced capabilities around Data and Agile. I felt it was the perfect time to use my experience in a changing workplace to go back to school for my Master’s degree and learn more about Organizational Management and Leadership. I found the Organizational leadership and learning program at GW and it was the perfect fit. During my second semester in the program, I took the course Organizational Change 1, and we used xScion as our case study. My team went in and evaluated the organization, looked at the current state, interviewed the entire internal team and suggested changes to get to the future state that xScion desired. xScion’s leadership found it to be extremely helpful and later implemented one of the suggestions.

GW’s emphasis on real-world application in their courses has been invaluable to me at xScion. xScion supporting my career aspirations and encouraging me to go back to graduate school is one of the many reasons I’ve been here for eight years and can see myself here for years ahead.”

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By Chalvonna Smith Teachey
Chalvonna Smith Teachey Director