Engineering World Health 2020 Summer Institute Application is Now Open

Engineering World Health (EWH) is a U.S.-based non-profit organization that engages the skills and passions of students and professionals from around the globe to improve healthcare delivery in low-income countries.

EWH’s volunteer engineers use their unique abilities to install and repair life-saving equipment in resource-poor hospitals, and to train local technicians in order to build sustainable capacity. With programs in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, EWH is building a global network of innovative and thoughtful biomedical professionals determined to build a healthier future for all the world’s people

EWH Institute programs train university STEM students and professionals, then place these participants in hospitals to repair equipment and share their knowledge with local hospital staff. The Institutes aim to provide participants with the opportunity to become immersed in healthcare systems in low income countries, working with hospital staff to improve access to functioning medical equipment. Trainings focus on improving specific technical knowledge while teaching participants how to best communicate and work effectively in low-resource, cross-cultural environments.

For more information, please check EWH official website.

By Yiwen Chen
Yiwen Chen SEAS Career Ambassador Yiwen Chen