Student Success Story: Joel Rhine

Joel Rhine– “I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the convention this year partly thanks to the graduate career services fund. My friends and I drove to Michigan on 26 th and checked into the hotel early morning on the 27 th . We got enough sleep before we could head on to the COBO center to register ourselves and collect our APEx badges. After that I came home and started preparing for the next two days, which were the career fair. Collectively I could manage getting one on- site interview at Honeywell which is much more progress than I ever had in the two years I was in Washington. Some companies also promised that they would contact me later but only time will tell if they really do. This opportunity really helped me securing that interview and giving me a potential chance in the running. Which would have not been possible if you wouldn’t have helped me with the funds, for which I am very grateful. I really do hope that I see a few more outcomes from this convention but at the same time I am thankful for its experience overall.”

By Amber Samuels
Amber Samuels SEAS Career Services Fellow Amber Samuels