Finding a Remote Job on Handshake


As more employers recruit college students online, Handshake has the tools you need to go from job search to just hired. You could access all virtual career search blogs on the new Get Hired Remotely landing page.




Impress Employers at Virtual Events:

Attending virtual events on Handshake is a great way to get in front of employers and find something that fits your career plan.

  • Before the event: Do some research. Learn more about the company by reading through their employer page on Handshake, as well as their company website. You should also do a quick online search to find any recent news articles and other information that can help you prepare thoughtful questions to ask.
  • During the event
    • Dress professionally.
    • Set your computer in front of a neutral background.
    • Show up on time.
    • Maintain eye contact with the camera and concentrate on what the presenters are saying.
    • Ask a question at the right time.
  • After the event:
    • Be prepared to follow up. Employers host virtual events on Handshake to raise awareness about their company and build excitement about open positions. So when the event is over, stay engaged by visiting the employer’s page on Handshake and exploring their open jobs and internships. You can follow the employer by clicking the Follow button on their page—so you’ll be the first to know when they post new jobs.
    • Update your Handshake profile. A complete profile can help you get an early start on applying to one of the open jobs or internships. Check to see if a separate resume and cover letter are needed for the application so you can prepare them as well.


Optimize Your Handshake Profile

Completing your profile is a simple, but effective way to stand out to employers on Handshake.

  • Job type: select part-time job, full-time job, or internship. Looking for a part-time job for now and an internship for next summer? You can select more than one job type, and we’ll share recommendations for each.
  • Job location: choose the cities that you’d like to live and work in. There are thousands of incredible employers on Handshake from every corner of the country, so we recommend being open to exploring jobs in a few different locations.
  • Job roles: select at least three job roles that interest you. We’ll give you suggestions based on your major, school and city. You can also search the job role pages to learn more about what you’d like to do.


Reach Out to Other Students on Handshake

Now is a better time than ever for students to connect with each other virtually and do some serious research about jobs. Messaging fellow students and alumni for honest answers to career-related questions.

  • Making your profile visible to other students

Before sending a message, you must make your profile visible to other students and alumni. To do this, go to the Settings & Privacy section of your profile and select the Community option. This also makes your profile visible to employers, so recruiters will be able to find you!

  • Finding students you want to message
    • On the Students page, you can search for students by school year, major, previous employers, and student organizations.
  • What can you ask other students about?
    • Professional Experience. Search for someone who has interned or works at a company you’re interested in, and ask them about company culture, intern projects and more.
    • Education Recommendations. Find out the best courses to take to prepare for a particular career. Or ask a graduate school student about their work, professors, and experience if you’re thinking about applying.
    • Resume Advice. Learn what to include on your resume that best highlights your courses, projects and unique experience.
    • Interview Advice. Gain insight into a company’s interview questions and process.
    • Reviews or Q&A. Ask for more information on a student’s review or Q&A question.
    • Other Career Related Topic. Ask any other career-related question.


Free Services and Resources to Help You Right Now

A list of free tools and services that can help students if they’re displaced or otherwise affected by current events.


By Yiwen Chen
Yiwen Chen SEAS Career Ambassador Yiwen Chen