Mastering the Art of Career Transition: A Guide for Technical Professionals

Embarking on a career transition is a bold decision that can open doors to new opportunities and professional growth. Whether you’re driven by the pursuit of innovation, a desire for different challenges, or a change in industry focus, understanding how …

By Prima Sanghvi
Prima Sanghvi Career Services Ambassador
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How to Reject Rejection

It’s just back into the flow of the semester. The syllabi are trickling in, the introductions are being made, and the sleep schedule is slowly readjusting. However, the coming of the spring semester also brings upon the dreaded season of …

By Linda Nisanova
Linda Nisanova Career Services Fellow
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Engineering the Final Stretch: Conquering Finals and Crushing Job Applications

As we approach the final week of exams, it’s easy to feel the pressure mounting. With the intensity of academic evaluations and the added stress of juggling internship and job applications, it’s no wonder this time of the semester can …

By Sachi Nandurkar
Sachi Nandurkar Career Services Ambassador
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Unlock Opportunities: A guide to Job Search Strategies 

In today’s competitive market, navigating a job can be challenging, but with the right strategies, you can unlock exciting opportunities. In this blog, we will explore some effective job search strategies which will help you land your dream career opportunity. 

🎯 …

By Prima Sanghvi
Prima Sanghvi Career Services Ambassador
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“How to Craft a Spook-tacular Resume: The Dos and Don’ts of Hauntingly Good Job Applications”

🕸️ Lose the Lingo: Keep your language straightforward and avoid using unnecessary jargon and overly complex terms. Avoid any technical terms without any background information.

🎃 Creepy Contacts: Ensure your contact details are easily accessible and use a conventional email address – no …

By Adonia Sequeira
Adonia Sequeira Career Services Ambassador
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