The May Internship Hunt: Don’t Give Up on Your Summer Dreams

As the calendar turns to May, many students are in the midst of a frenetic internship search. However, it is critical to realize that chances can strike at any time, and it is never too late to aggressively pursue your …

By Adonia Sequeira
Adonia Sequeira Career Services Ambassador
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How to Apply Yourself Effectively

Applying to jobs may seem like an overwhelming task to undertake. Sometimes, it feels as though applying for jobs is a full time job in and of itself! It helps to learn how to apply effectively in quality rather than …

By Linda Nisanova
Linda Nisanova Career Services Fellow
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Mastering the Art of Career Transition: A Guide for Technical Professionals

Embarking on a career transition is a bold decision that can open doors to new opportunities and professional growth. Whether you’re driven by the pursuit of innovation, a desire for different challenges, or a change in industry focus, understanding how …

By Prima Sanghvi
Prima Sanghvi Career Services Ambassador
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Exciting PhD Software Engineering Opportunities at Google!

Hey SEAS Community!

Great news for those nearing the completion of their PhD journey in Software Engineering — Google has opened applications for full-time roles that could be the perfect stepping stone into an illustrious career. If you’ve been looking to …

By Sachi Nandurkar
Sachi Nandurkar Career Services Ambassador
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Cultivating Resilience: Your Foundation for a Seamless Workplace Transition

As we explore themes that resonate with the journey from academic life to professional practice, the concept of resilience emerges as a cornerstone for success in the ever-evolving landscape of science and engineering careers. Let’s delve into how cultivating resilience …

By Sachi Nandurkar
Sachi Nandurkar Career Services Ambassador
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