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Career Center Policies


We offer appointments either at our office, W. Scott Amey Career Services Center or virtually. Scheduling is done through Handshake. We do not hold or schedule appointments over email.

  • RSVP & Cancellations

    The George Washington University and the W. Scott Amey Career Services Center encourage professional behavior from all students. This includes keeping commitments to attend professional meetings and programs.

    Late cancellations and no-shows reflect poorly on you, as well as the university, and may jeopardize the school’s relationship with an employer or alumni. Your registration represents your commitment to arriving punctually and prepared to engage professionally.

    Career advising appointments and event RSVPs should be canceled at least 24 hours BEFORE the meeting.

        • Students are expected to cancel their appointments and event RSVPs in Handshake. We will not take cancellations by phone or email.
        • Some high-demand events and important career events may have more stringent cancellation expectations. This will be communicated in the event description and your RSVP confirmation email.

    We understand that scheduling conflicts may arise regarding specific event dates/times, but we believe it is in our students’ best interest to have as much visibility to employers as possible. Our staff will work with students and employers on a case-by-case basis with significant conflicts due to religious holidays and observances.

  • Handshake Account Block

    To maintain high-quality service to the GW community, your Handshake account may be blocked for one of the following reasons:

        • Missing any on-campus interviews, employer-in-residence/executive-in-residence/peer-in-residence, or career treks without proper notice.
        • Missing or canceling 2 scheduled appointments without proper notice.
        • Other violations as determined by career center staff.


    If your account is blocked, you will be unable to make appointments, apply for jobs and internships, schedule on-campus interviews, or participate in select career-related events. Students with blocked accounts still can sign in for future events in which they have already RSVP’d. If your account has been blocked, contact us at to discuss the next steps for account reinstatement.


Unfortunately, not all employment opportunities are legitimate; entities may pose as employers as part of a scam to elicit personal information from or otherwise defraud their victims. Listed below are some tips and advice to help students be vigilant about fraudulent employers and to help them identify steps to take to verify the legitimacy of an employer. If you have any questions or concerns about an employer, please contact the GW Employer Relations team at or 202-994-8633.


Students are to submit resumes, CV, and cover letters at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment time; this provides staff with adequate time to review documents prior to meeting for optimal results and higher level conversations. Students can either email ( documents or upload them to their Handshake account.


Review these resources if you have questions or concerns about harassment in the workplace.


In response to COVID-19, many organizations (including GW) are changing their operations to prioritize safety. GW Career Services has developed student guidelines for internships, part-time, and off-campus Federal Work Study positions to assist all students as they consider opportunities during the 2020-21 academic year.