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Career Center Policies

RSVP & Cancellation Policy

The George Washington University and the W. Scott Amey Career Services Center encourage professional behavior from all students. This includes keeping their commitments to attend professional meetings and programs, including:

  • Scheduled coaching appointments
  • Career-related events (workshops, networking events, speakers/panels, etc.)
  • Employer events (presentations, site visits & job shadow days)

Late cancellations and no-shows reflect poorly on you, as well as the university, and may jeopardize the school’s relationship with an employer/alumni. Your registration represents your commitment to arrive punctually, and prepared to engage professionally.

Career advising appointments should be canceled at least 48 hours before the meeting.

Event RSVPs should be canceled at least 24 hours before the event.

  • Students are expected to cancel their own appointments and event RSVPs in Handshake. We will not take cancellations by phone or email.
  • Some high-demand employers events (on-campus interviews, employers-in-residence) and other important career events may have more stringent RSVP and cancellation expectations which will be communicated in the event description and your RSVP confirmation email.


Appointment No-Shows

Students who do not show up to their scheduled career appointments or cancel with less than 24 hours notice will be marked as a ‘no-show’. The student will be required to attend a drop-in advising appointment during open career advising hours before they can schedule another appointment with a career counselor.

Students who repeatedly no-show or cancel appointments without proper notice will have their Handshake account blocked.


Handshake Account Block

Please note that students who miss any on-campus interviews, employer-in-residence/executive-in-residence/peer-in-residence, or career treks will receive an automatic block on their Handshake account for the entire semester, even if it is the 1st No-Show.

Students with blocked accounts still have the ability to sign in for future events in which they have already RSVP’d.

1st No-Show

A warning and temporary Handshake account block will be issued and you must submit a letter of apology to explaining:

  1. Why you missed the session/event,
  2. Your sincere apology
  3. What you have learned from this experience
  4. Why your Handshake account should be reinstated.

This letter should be addressed to the employer who hosted the event. Once all materials are received and approved you will be reinstated.

2nd No-Show

Your Handshake account will be blocked for the remainder of the semester. By disabling Handshake, you will be unable to make appointments with the career services, apply for jobs and internships, schedule on-campus interviews or participate in select career services-related events in the corresponding semester. You will be reinstated no later than the first day of the next semester.

Please note, as a SEAS student, if you register for an event hosted by another GW career center (i.e. GWSB, Elliott etc), you must comply with their attendance policies.

The W. Scott Amey Career Services Center understands that scheduling conflicts may arise regarding specific event dates/times, but we believe it is in our students’ best interest to have as much visibility to employers as possible. Our Center will work with students and employers on a case-by-case basis with significant conflicts due to religious holidays and observances.


Fraudulent Employers: Tips for Students

Unfortunately, not all employment opportunities are legitimate; entities may pose as employers as part of a scam to elicit personal information from or otherwise defraud their victims. Listed below are some tips and advice to help students be vigilant about fraudulent employers and to help them identify steps to take to verify the legitimacy of an employer.

Students: Red Flags to Consider to Avoid Fraudulent Employers
The National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) provides several “red flags” which students should be aware of and consider to avoid fraudulent employers when using online job and internship sites.

Fraudulent Employers: Quick Tips
Several quick tips from the Handshake Help Center for when you are questioning the legitimacy of a job or company

What To Do If You’ve Given Your Personal Information To A Fraudulent Employer
The Handshake Help Center provides advice on key steps you should take immediately If you have given any of your personal information to a fraudulent employer.

If you have any questions or concerns about an employer, please contact the GW Employer Relations team at or 202-994-8633.


Title IX Resources for Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment

Review these resources if you have questions or concerns about harassment in the workplace.