Help with the Job Search in Florida!

Engineers: are you looking for a job opportunity in Florida?

A free, easy-to-use job search engine is available for students looking for Florida opportunities; simply visit!

Start by typing in a keyword into the search engine, for example “mechanical engineering,” and you can scroll through a wide variety of opportunities. If you have a particular region in Florida you would prefer to work in, you can also limit the search to certain areas of the state rather than performing a state-wide search. In addition, you can limit the search to a select few ZIP codes as well. The opportunities are listed by the employer name, location of the company, and in some cases salaries. Once you click on a posting, you can find more details to the job description, degree requirements, experience requirements, and more.

Good Luck!!

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By Samantha Horton
Samantha Horton Career Services Ambassador Samantha Horton