Job and Internship Search Sites

Job and Internship Search Sites

Looking to find a job or an internship? Check out these 5 resources to begin your search.

1) Handshake 

You can use Handshake to sign up for events, but it is also an excellent starting point to look for internships and jobs. Handshake is the job and internship database at GWU.

2) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to manage your professional identity and build your network, but it is also a good way to look for jobs and internships by using the Jobs tab.

3) EngineerJobs

Looking for an engineering job? On, find every engineering job available anywhere on the web without having to register. Search engineering jobs by engineering discipline or location and find 300,000 engineering jobs in the US and Canada.

4) GoinGlobal

GoinGlobal is a leading career and employment resource for jobs and internships that provides expert knowledge on the global job market. The database includes over 80,000 pages of content curated by industry experts, providing country-specific career and internship resources for students interested in working domestically or internationally.

5) SEASCareers

After visiting the website, click the “Choose Your Program” tab, select your specific program, and find industry-specific job and internship search resources.

By Amber Samuels
Amber Samuels SEAS Career Services Fellow Amber Samuels