ECE is looking for student laboratory technicians this summer

Title: ECE Student Laboratory Technician – Summer 2019

Position Description:
Assists the faculty, students, teaching assistants, and department research staff in carrying
out experiments and tests in the department laboratories. Perform other work related
duties as assigned by manager.

 Knowledge of electrical principles
 Knowledge of working with Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Power
supply, and other laboratory equipment
 Knowledge of Electrical Engineering software such as PSpice, Multisim, etc.
 Good writing and communication skills
 Excellent customer service skills
 Detailed Oriented

 Undergraduate students pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer
Engineering, or Biomedical Engineering
 GPA: 3.2 or better

Documents required:
 Resume
 An Un-official transcript

Science and Engineering Hall

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By Sean Zha
Sean Zha Career Services Ambassador Sean Zha