Mechanical and electrical Engineering Intern at the Wyatt technology in Santa Barbara (Summer 2019)

Electrical Engineering Intern

Job Duties:  Intern will first be trained in the general use of Laser Light Scattering measurements, and follow instruments through the production process. With that knowledge, and mentored by a WTC Electrical Engineer, she or he will perform system level evaluation, troubleshooting, and repair of instrument electronics. She or he will keep very careful records regarding what problems were found, and will present findings of results regarding any patterns of failures. She or he will contribute written documentation and procedures to a general instrument troubleshooting guide.


Mechanical Engineering Intern

Job Duties:  The Intern will be trained on Wyatt CAD and business software, and how Wyatt Instruments are built and assembled. With this knowledge, and with guidance from WTC mechanical engineers, they will contribute to new production line integration, fix issues in documentation, and resolve R&D related product improvements. They will update or create part and assembly documentation as required, determine root causes of the issues, keep notes on findings and implement improvements using our document control process. They will re-model CAD parts in order to simplify what has resulted from years of multiple engineers making various changes.

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By Sean Zha
Sean Zha Career Services Ambassador Sean Zha