Launch Your Data Science Career

General Assembly (GA), a leading education-to-employment company, is launching its Level 1 Data Scientist Certification in universities. Graduating seniors will have the chance to land guaranteed first-round interviews at top companies including Booz Allen Hamilton, New York Times, Flatiron Health, and more.

To qualify for said interviews, all students have to do is take the CDS1 (Certified Data Scientist Level 1) assessment created with industry leaders on the Data Science Standards Board. Students from all majors and backgrounds can take CDS1 to show potential for roles in the field. GA is offering this for free with an added bonus of getting guaranteed first-round interviews for top scorers (90th+ percentile) across the registration pool.

What are you waiting for? Register now and get free access to the complete CDS1 package.

By Yiwen Chen
Yiwen Chen SEAS Career Ambassador Yiwen Chen