Milliman’s Opportunity Scholarship is now open for application

The scholarship assists undergraduate students from ethnic groups that are under-represented in the fields of actuarial science, data science, computer science, economics, programming, mathematics, statistics, data analytics, or finance. Milliman, a global leader in actuarial and related products and services, awarded 16 Opportunity Scholarships in 2019.

We would appreciate your help in communicating this scholarship opportunity to your students. A flyer about the 2020 Opportunity Scholarship is available to download.

Scholarship award

Eligibility criteria
Applicants must identify as one of these ethnic groups:

  • United States and Canada: Black or African American, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian or Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • United Kingdom and Ireland: Black African, Black Caribbean, Irish Traveller, or Gypsy
  • South Africa: Black or Coloured
  • Australia: Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

Applicants must be full-time current or incoming undergraduate students at an accredited college or university. In the United States, Canada, Ireland, or the United Kingdom, the enrollment period is the entire 2020-2021 academic year and in Australia and South Africa, the entire 2020 academic year. Applicants must plan to pursue a career in the field of actuarial science, data science, computer science, programming, economics, mathematics, statistics, data analytics, or finance.

View the program information for a complete list of application requirements and to apply online.

Application deadline
Applications are due by April 13, 2020

By Yiwen Chen
Yiwen Chen SEAS Career Ambassador