Staff Spolight: Meet Kendra Northington

Get to know the Career Center Staff this semester!

Q: What is your role at the SEAS Career Services Center (i.e., W. Scott Amey Career Services Center)? 

A: I am the Senior Career Counselor and I primarily work with SEAS graduate students on their career development. Through a combination of workshops, individual appointments, and special programs I help all SEAS students prepare for the next step after GW. I also take the lead on keeping our website and resources up to date – there are almost 100 different guides, tutorials, and articles!

Q: What’s your favorite part about working at the SEAS Career Services Center?

A: As a counselor, my favorite thing is to meet one-on-one with students and hear about their interests and goals. It’s fascinating to learn about the innovative things SEAS students are doing in their courses and internships. I want students to feel confident about their skills and sharing what they can do with potential employers. Finding a job can be a stressful experience, so I also want students to feel supported and know that they are not alone in this process.

Q: What is the most impactful career lesson you’ve learned thus far?

A: The people we work with can have a big impact on our experience, for better or for worse. When interviewing for a job, consider how the team communicates and supports each other. Also consider your own ability to collaborate and what you are looking for in colleagues. The SEAS Interviewing Guide has sample questions you might ask to learn about company culture.

Q: Do you have a favorite inspirational quote? If so, what is it? What does it mean to you?

A: A saying that inspires me and I often share with students is “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”. It’s hard not to compare ourselves to others, especially when it comes to the career process. But we all have to start somewhere, and many people start over more than once when pursuing a career. It helps to be kind to ourselves and know that we will make progress too.

Q: Why should SEAS students and alumni visit the SEAS Career Services Center?

A: Because we’re here to help! Sometimes students and alumni get discouraged when looking for a job or internship because they are not hearing back from companies and they lose motivation. With all of the resources we have at the SEAS Career Center we can help you brainstorm new strategies, discover new places to look, or just offer encouragement if you’re feeling lost.

Q: The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of life, including the personal and the professional. What lessons, if any, have you learned during the pandemic?

A: Rest is important. With many of us working, going to school, and living all in the same space, it’s easy to spend all day on the computer or doing work. Eventually, our bodies and mind are going to get tired and force us to rest. By building in break time, such as blocking off time to eat lunch (away from the screen), we can actually be more productive and stay engaged.

By Kendra Northington
Kendra Northington Senior Career Counselor