The Magic of Resume Keywords: Ways to Improve your Chances of Getting a Job

In recent years, the job market has changed drastically; hence recruiters have to change how they source candidates online. Nowadays, more companies are using ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) to screen resumes; moreover, 95% of the Forbes 500 utilize these systems in their recruitment process (Society of Human Resources Management, 2019). Therefore, optimizing your resume to increase your chance of getting an interview has become crucial. That said, there is a lot of information you can pull from recruitment ads, such as the working style of the organization or what the job will entail. This blog will discuss important aspects to remember when searching and looking for future jobs.

Know the first screener better
Recruitment posting presents a source of information to prospective candidates. Hidden information can be helpful when applying; it can allow you to access information about how the organization behaves and what is expected from the job.
For example, the wording can give you guidelines on how the job is performed in the company and what the organization values. Moreover, they can also reveal information about the workplace culture or ethos. If phrases such as “flexible” and “adapting” appears, you can infer that the organization is going through changes and might be experiencing changes that will impact how you do your work. Or when you see phrases such as “fast-paced environment,” it can shed light on an organization that requires long hours and multiple deliverables in a short period. If you want to know more examples about the language often used in 10 top Tech companies, click here.
This information can also help you improve your chances when applying for jobs. After reading your resume, an ATS assigns a fit score related to a position which determines where you stand compared to other candidates. Therefore, it becomes crucial to be aware of the pattern in buzzwords or keywords and try to use them in your resume and applications. With this exercise, you will increase your chances of getting an interview.

Social media presence and hidden job market
As your resume, your social media can become an important marketing tool when looking for a job. Websites such as LinkedIn, Handshake, and Google have incorporated search engines that allow recruiters to source their prospective employees. Companies often use this website to look for candidates for their hidden market jobs. This is where the recruiter will hunt candidates through their social media presence.
To make your appearance more noticeable for recruiters on these platforms, we suggest you be aware of the following points:
– Make your profile eye-catching. Websites like LinkedIn and Handshake have a summary or presentation section, use this section to show your interest in your target job, but also include some of the keywords used on your resume.
– Optimize your profile by adding buzzwords commonly used in your field. Industry jargon can be helpful in your profile, but including experience-based jargon to target your desired job. For example for an entry level position can be useful to used words  such as “internships” or “motivated to learn new things”.
– Don’t use too many hashtags; unlike other social media websites, using plenty of hashtags will not increase your visibility.

Leveraging the right keywords will maximize your chances of getting a job, but it also can become an interesting tool to start building your branding in the job market. If you want to improve your resume, you can make an appointment at the W. Scott Amey Career Services Center.

By Carolina Rivas Salgado
Carolina Rivas Salgado Career Services Fellow